Consulting highlights 2023.

This page will list all advocacy/consulting highlights up until 2024. There is no particular order.

Earth Eclipsed podcast.

Earth Eclipsed is a science fiction podcast featuring a Blind character. I consulted on some episodes of the podcast to ensure the blindness was accurate in terms of technology. Listen below!

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Structured Negotiation 2nd edition.

I provided a testimony for the second edition of this book.

Dryads Wake

This is a fun, open source, game I provided accessibility testing for. The below game can be played on any modern web browser.

Play Dryads Wake online


In 2020 I settled a structured negotiation with Patreon. Below, you will find links and resources.

  1. Press release.
  2. Digital agreement
  3. Patreon’s accessibility page.
  4. Join Patreon


Since 2011 I launched a campaign to get Netflix to include audio description for existing titles. At the time they were not making original content. The campaign was a success. Netflix now obtains third party audio description tracks wherever commercially possible and they describe all originals. Below are some key links detailing this campaign.

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