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Meow. This is my blog and website. I’m scared of being famous but I love people sharing my work.

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Notice how this site is made for screen reader users? That’s by design. I also tried to make this site easy to use for magnifier users before I lost my vision.

I’m a totally blind, gay, author and accessibility consultant. I used to be legally blind. For more background, check out my about page.

I stutter so strongly prefer written communication.

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Some recent updates.

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  1. Fiction podcasts with Disabled characters.
  2. I Will Luddite AI
  3. I think Bluesky blocked my bridged account.
  4. Trunk Writings
  5. Popular Facebook posts.
  6. Read free stuff or pay what you want
  7. On TTS audio description
  8. Gig publishing is clogging up the indie publishing space.
  9. All 2023 highlights.
  10. Maybe we should SMS again.
  11. Royalty statement 2023
  12. Getting started with static site generators with a screen reader.
  13. Two new books to buy from me.
  14. Pass the Salt
  15. How to Save the World- The Compassiviste Anthology: Volume One: Visions for Peace

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