Buzz highlights 2023

What a year it’s been! Writing updates will be coming later in the year but for now, I wanna highlight interviews and otherwise I wanna keep/brag about. This will be an ongoing series, monthly or however I feel like updating. This is the beauty of my own website, after all, I don’t have to adhere to a schedule!

This post is gonna highlight all the buzz about me before 2023 in no particular order. In truth, I honestly wanted to get them out of the portfolio section and into the main feed. Here we go!

The Balut Kiki Project

This podcast was just super fun! In it, we talk about dating and sex as a blind gay man.

This episode has a transcript provided by the podcast.

Read and listen to the episode here.

Study on journalists that stutter.

I was interviewed for this paper on journalist who stutter working in the newsroom and in the field.

In the ’Cosm Podcast Artificial Divide interview.

In this interview, my co editor and I talk about the anthology and the editing process.

Episode webpage containing Transcript

Video containing captions

TV is failing visually impaired people.

In this article by the Guardian, I was heavily quoted about the use of audio description. I also talk about my other accessibility expertise.

The Verge highlighted me about Comradery.

In this Verge report, I talk about some accessibility efforts in this more democratic take on the Patreon model.

Read Verge article here

Disabled people in publishing interview.

In this interview, I talk about the writing, editing, and consulting services I offer to authors and publishers.

Read the interview

Libro FM with Jonathan Mosen.

I had an interview with Jonathan Mosen about Libro.FM accessibility, which is an alternative to Audible. It will allow you to download DRM free audiobooks and support local indie bookstores. Links are below.

Listen and download the podcast episode here.

HuffPost interviewed me about Disability dating.

This article features me and other blind and VI people, bloggers, YouTubers, and the like. It’s not a long article at all so have fun reading!

The article in question.

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