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The below is a list of links and resources I find very useful as well as some websites I just love.

Contact me to submit something if you’d think I’d like it, except for crypto and or AI bullshit.

Writing and publishing.

Books and book lists.


Podcasts and audio fiction.

Tech and internet related.

Small search engines.

The below search engines focus on the IndieWeb and the Small web.

Managed Static site hosts or Blogging platforms.

If you want to host a website or blog but hate what the bigger platforms are doing to your blog and user experience, The below managed places are great! If you like using them, pay to get some of the extra features. They are worth it!

  • NekoWeb is a static site hosting service.
  • PikaPods offers fully managed hosting for open source apps and services, some costing $1 monthly!
  • Tiiny web hosting is the easiest way to host a static website until something better comes along.
  • Uber Space is similar to PikaPod, but is more terminal based and slightly less managed. You find and install the software, for example.
  • Web Haven hosts private blogs only. These can never be accessed publicly.
  • Static website hosting provides a small, infrequently updated, places that can host your static site. Some are for free.
  • Good Enough’s Lab has a bunch of things that will let you host a website or a blog.
  • Button Down. A lightweight newsletter service that is far less bloated.
  • Post Haven allows you to have a fully featured blog including blogging by email.
  • Mataroa. I just love everything about this site. It’s everything I need in a blog without all the fluff.
  • Blot. Turns any folder into a blog. I had fun playing with it, but I ultimately needed something else.
  • ClassicPress. It’s what I use because I don’t like the direction wordpress is headed. Contact me for a managed hosting referral.
  • Dreamwidth. An open source fork of LiveJournal with an accessibility community.
  • OMG LOL. A place to host a website, email address, and so much more. Read OMG’s detailed help articles.

Other managed blog and static site providers.

The below list contains similar providers but these are ones I don’t use or find interesting, personally, but I’m keeping them here for others.

  • Scribbles started in 2024.
  • Montaigne is a lightweight blogging platform.
  • AreNa is a cross between Tumblr and Wikipedia.
  • Word Mogul is another minimalist blogging platform. Register and pay for Word Mogul.
  • Smol Pub is another blogging platform that also allows you to publish your blog in multiple formats, such as Gemini, without you doing anything extra.
  • The Midnight Pub is a space for writers to create any kind of blog/page they want. it’s also like an underground digital city and does not have RSS feeds but still worth reading.
  • Bloggi is fully managed. Offers a lot of customization options and is mostly accessible with some workarounds like OCRing buttons. Can be used.
  • Bearblog used to be here but the developer positively promoted AI so I am removing it as a preemptive measure.
  • Micro.Blog. while I dislike the focus on Micro Blogging, you can make this work as a personal website. It’s not free.
  • WriteFreely. The flagship instance is Write As, which has more features, but is not free. This has some major accessibility problems though so try it only if you’re willing to work past the accessibility failures.
  • Telescope is a kind of Medium alternative that has fully managed options. When I tried it, many edit fields weren’t labeled.
  • BlogStatic offers fully managed blogs but BlogStatic is not free.
  • Ghost is popular but is not accessible, at all, to blind bloggers.
  • Neocities can be used to make a blog but it is more for building websites.
  • Ichi Cities is another place that offers blogs and personal websites/journals.