Sensitivity reading.

Robert Kingett > Sensitivity reading.

I’ve worked with many corporations and publishers as a sensitivity reader including Random House, Scholastic, and many others. I can do, either, fiction sensitivity reading or Corporate DEI Consulting.

At this time, I’m only accepting work through Write Up, Inclusive Minds or Writing Diversely. When filling out the Writing Diversely form, make sure you request me directly after reading my profile entry and my areas of expertise below.

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Corporate DEI Consulting

Consultations and reviews of internal and external DEI statements, policies, Human Resources documents, and training materials according to modern equity and inclusion language standards. Essentially a corporate sensitivity read.

Corporate Consulting rates: Determined by on size and scope of the project. Minimum $500 for Corporate Day Consulting.

Fiction Expertise

These are the subjects I can accurately consult for fiction publishers.

  • Cerebral Palsy.
  • Blindness and low vision.
  • Gay male themes.
  • Asexuality and Demisexuality.
  • Visual adaptive technology, excluding guide dogs.
  • Losing vision later in life.
  • Ableism.

Projects I’ve worked on.

A sample of projects I’ve worked on is below. View all projects I’ve consulted.