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This page holds links to learn about visits as well as watch presentations and keep up with future events.

I can have virtual or in person events. All of my events must have Live human captioning, CART services, and sign language interpretation.

I love doing events, even though I have a stutter. I’m available for live lit events, especially charity live lit shows, keynote speaking, or doing an author visit.

My writing is geared to a mature young adult or adult audience. Because of the disabilities, I’ll require a reader for live lit events.

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I require all of my events to have sign language interpreters and live human captions. I have many Deaf fans.

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Read my appearance requirements before booking me for in person events. Book me within two months or more of the in person event date.

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  • Summary: Mortified 20th Anniversary appearance
  • When:
  • Location: the Vic Theater, 3145 N Sheffield Avenue Chicago, IL 60657
  • Description: Accessibility information is below the ticket information.

    Buy tickets online here

    Folks can use the discountcode MORT20 to get $5 off tickets (they have to click on the “discount offer” link on the right hand side of the page).

    According to the Vic website, For Disability seating requests, call 773-472-0449 on the day of the show if you require handicap seating. You can also find any security staff member on the night ofthe show for assistance.

    For the past twenty years, Mortified has given hundreds of adults the space to share their most embarrassing childhood artifacts — on a podcast, in live events all around the world, andeven on a Netflix television show. Now, join the Mortified team and WBEZChicago for a one-of-a-kind event in tribute to those twenty years — and our city while we’re at it. Mortified 20 features some of the most embarrassing, shocking, and wildest pieces from the show’s history, plusa collection of special guests like only Chicago could bring, all coming together for a one-night-only performance that celebrates two decadesof adults sharing their shame.

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