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I’d love to visit you to speak about being a writer or otherwise. Visiting places, though, takes a lot of time away from my writing because I have to do triple the preparations non-disabled writers have to do. Also, traveling with blindness and cerebral palsy is extremely tiring, especially in the colder seasons. My spoons are very limited so read the below thoroughly before booking me.

If you’d like to book me for an author visit these are my requirements.

In addition to the below, I require CART services, captioning and subtitles, and sign language interpreters for virtual or in person events even though I am Blind. My events must be inclusive to everyone.

I want my events to be as inclusive as possible to audiences.

In person requirements.

  • Event/travel tickets and accommodations for two. I always bring a PA, personal assistant.
  • Transportation provided for all stages of the visit, beginning with transportation from my home to the airport or train station.
  • Direct flights or train tickets.
  • For a flight/train over 4.5 hours, or more than two time zones, seats need to be First (domestic) or Business (international) class. Train tickets must include a sleeper car if the train ride will be greater than 5 hours.
  • A hotel stay that includes one night before the event
  • Transportation provided from the hotel to the venue, including any special / social events.
  • Step-free access
  • Transportation from the event to the hotel.
  • Transportation from the hotel to the returning airport or train station.
  • Transportation from the airport or station back to my home.
  • Fee

If I could, I’d visit everywhere I’m invited. But, work and cerebral palsy and blindness force me to evaluate more and say yes less often.

When inviting me somewhere, do it two months or more in advance. Also, be prepared to be very specific about your venue. How many readers can you bring? How many books and anthologies do you think you could sell before, during, and after the event? Be prepared to be specific: How will you attract readers? (What kind of publicity/media reach do you have, and how many people will encounter your promos? If it’s a teaching gig, or you represent a for-profit event series, what’s my fee?