Falling into romance writing.

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Sometimes, a tragic event can leave you evaluating your whole presence on this earth. Unfortunately, after almost three years of COVID free life, I contracted COVID—19.

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! The short version is that I’m coming around, with a lot of support and members of my Found Family watching over me.

While I was in quarantine, it gave me a lot of time to look back at the previous fiction I’ve written and really try to determine the kind of fiction I want to write.

For the longest time, I’ve been avoiding romance because I didn’t believe I could write romance. I didn’t think I’d do well in romance. But, after a closer examination by my beta readers, romance seems to be the genre I’m just naturally comfortable with.

It’s ironic, but I didn’t read a lot of romance. I read a lot of YA which had a romance element in it, but I didn’t read anything in the romance genre hardly. So, I figured the best thing to do would be to try some romance.

I found many M/M titles that captured my interest, but I wanted to try some minority romance writers. I started off by reading this audiobook roundup of romance titles.

One author I seem to be enjoying a lot is Kennedy Ryan. Her Grip series )alternative link Grip series on Audible) snagged me from the moment I finished, Flow.

I have yet to try her Hoops series, but I’ll get there. I first want to explore some romance books featuring Disabled characters. Speaking of Disabled characters,

Back in 2018, I published my first romance story called A Deserving Conference. It could be classified as dark romance, but it does have a HFN ending. Happy for now.

I’ve taken A Deserving Conference and I am now expanding it. I’m also taking Pointy Chances, found in Community of Magic Pens, and expanding that as well into its own book.

As I continue to read more romance, I’m noticing that not many romance books feature Blind characters, let alone disabled characters. It’s going to be especially challenging for me because I’m actually very new to the genre and don’t particularly like writing sex scenes due to my own trauma, but I hope that you’ll be willing to come along this journey with me.

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Thanks for reading! Back to feeling lovely with all my book boyfriends!

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