AI might break the internet.

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I know, I’ve already written about so called AI, which isn’t really intelligent, before, but I’m in a mood, so buckle up for another rant.

I’ve been thinking a lot about content and consumption lately. Partly because, thanks to large language models other people are calling AI, I’ve been logging off the internet and eating older media more. It’s a fascinating time machine. I’ve been eating a lot of fiction podcasts. I’ve been reading a lot of Disability fiction on Archive of Our Own. I know I’m not doing the productive thing in society’s eyes. More importantly, I’ve realized I’m starting to avoid the internet more. What prompted me to log off more started with a simple Google search.

I searched for something on Google. Read a few articles, soon realized they were generated articles instead of written articles, tried to find some useful help to my query, discovered more generated articles, skimmed generated articles, sighed because these generated articles were flooding the top of multiple search engines, and then finally just said, fuck it, then listened to the original Star Wars audio drama after logging off the internet.

Many people enjoy rolling their eyes at people that consume media, but don’t engage with it. But, like, I’m tired and don’t want to examine how this peace of media is misogynistic or ableist. I guess you could say that’s my main state of mind these days. I’m just tired. I’m exhausted by trying to understand generated text and or generated voices. I’ve enjoyed just appreciating works by humans instead of trying to decode stuff. I’ve even tried to read some generated fiction, written or narrated, and, as you can imagine, I’m never enjoying the work. I’m decoding it. I’m like a flawed computer that can’t compute what generated garbage is in front of me, so the best thing I can do is just, well, log off.

In fact, I believe that’s the best way to make generated work fade away. I know it’s easier said than done, but the minute you know work is generated instead of created, just close the browser without leaving a comment or anything. Don’t leave an angry screed. That’s what the generator wants. They want reactions to their Word Roombas, written or narrated. I’ve never left a comment on a generated work and never will.

As to all who are wondering how I can tell it’s generated? Trust me, it’s beyond easy to spot, even if you human edit it later.

My last post on the subject, unfortunately, played into the hype a little bit. In an epic series by Our Opinions Are Correct, they correctly point out that the hype is also fueled by, you guessed it, fearing humans will go extinct and be replaced by robots. Later in the series, they correctly examine how Silicon Valley doesn’t understand Science Fiction.

This series of videos about deflating the AI Hype is also worth a watch.

While my last post was all, we should cherish humans, I’d like to examine some more thoughts about what the internet will be like with a flood of generated content.

I often hear from a lot of people now that they will, mostly, go back and read or watch older stuff they’ve appreciated because new choices are overwhelming. That’s how I feel about content these days. I don’t know why but I find that trying new books is far easier than trying new movies or TV shows. Maybe that’s because I’m a book lover. I also try a lot of fiction podcasts. But, like I said, I am more cautious and pickier online these days because generated content exhausts me to the point where, again, I say, fuck it, then just log off.

Perhaps if I’m logging off again, maybe others will start logging off too? Maybe other people will write, offline, enjoying their fantasies where no generative model can scrape their words. Maybe others will log off and then call that person they were always too busy for because social media is a full time job.

No, seriously, social media is a full time job, and now, since large language models are flooding social media, I’ve found myself sighing and, once again, saying fuck it and logging off and absorbing human media more, no matter how problematic it is.

I can’t adequately describe what I’m feeling. Maybe this is how the previous generations felt when the internet sprang onto the scene. Overwhelmed, tired, and just feeling powerless in a world that always wants to innovate without aiding.

Of course, thousands of Blind people disagree with me. They think large language models will be brilliant for the internet because we won’t have to navigate complicated webpages. We can have a machine fetch the content for us. Usually, I find the answers never fully satisfy me, so I end up browsing the internet anyway, going down deep fandom rabbit holes and much more.

Back to me logging off and consuming more. I don’t think I’m consuming. Others will disagree, but I believe I’m appreciating art. I’m leaving reviews on art I enjoy. I personally reach out to more writers to express how much I’ve enjoyed their story. It’s a vast difference from the sense of insurmountable boredom when I come across generated content. I know I can’t change the world, but I can do my part to make sure that these generators don’t get any part of my emotions. In fact, they won’t get feedback from me at all. Of course, it’s never about the act of creating for these generators, so they are probably not bothered by my silence, but I wonder how the internet will split if this keeps up.

Here’s my predictions. The internet will split into two factions. An alcove of artists creating and sharing and experiencing, vs. The information super highway where everything is there to consume, consume, consume! I know where I’m headed. It’s going to be my artist alcove with others. Because, like I said before, generated content sucks, and beyond boring.

Some small updates.

Enough about my thoughts, though! What am I up to?

  1. I’m on the hunt for a producer to take my screenplays and fiction podcast scripts. I’ve completed a bunch of scripts lately but haven’t found a home for any of them yet.
  2. I’m trying some romance audiobooks by Audible studios and really enjoying them!
  3. I’m pitching two romance novellas I wrote last year. No bites yet but I’ve been doing a lot of pitching previous things I’ve written.
  4. Creating more audio described content.
  5. Writing Fanfiction. It’s private, and hidden, though. I just needed a space where I can write where my name isn’t attached to a thing.
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