Artificial Divide Buzz

The below is a short roundup of media/buzz about the Artificial Divide anthology.

Writing Works Wonders.

This podcast with Blind writers has me talking about the anthology and some overall writing and rejection tips. There isn’t a transcript with the episode.

Down to the Struts podcast.

Qudsiya is joined by Robert Kingett, a totally blind, gay, author, essayist and freelance journalist. Qudsiya and Robert discuss Robert’s journey to becoming a writer, the creation of his anthology, Artificial Divide, and why the publishing industry should advance works of fiction created by disabled authors.

Episode webpage containing transcript

Vocal Eye Almost Live.

VocalEye Almost Live host Amy Amantea is joined by special guests Robert Kingett, Lawrence Gunther, Niki White, and Tessa Soderberg.
Artificial Divide is a new anthology of short fiction by Blind and partially-Blind authors showing readers how they thrive, hurt, get revenge, outsmart bullies, or go on epic adventures. Artificial Divide is an own-voices story collection that captures the many layers of Blindness and, for once, puts blind protagonists in the driver’s seat, letting them take the lead in guiding us on new adventures.

Watch VocalEye

In the ’Cosm Podcast S1, Ep6: The Artificial Divide with Robert Kingett and Randy Lacey

Season 1 ends with a bang editors Robert Kingett and Randy Lacey speak to me about their upcoming anthology, Artifical Divide. This collection of fiction stories is written by authors who are Blind, visually impaired, or who have low vision.
Transcript and audio podcast links at

Read the episode transcript or Watch The Artificial Divide with Robert Kingett and Randy Lacey

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