Introducing the BOOK

I can’t believe I came up with this in high school! I was digging around old flash drives and found this. Ironically, I think I captured the tech culture that plagues us today. If you show this to a tech bro, I wonder if his eyes will light up like a Christmas tree.

I honestly don’t know what I was going for back then, but if I were to write this today, I’d make some clearer jabs at tech lovers and tech enthusiasts, but all in all, I think I did well.


By Robert Kingett.

There is a new revolutionary piece of technology out there on the market today that can very much "expand" the lives of others. It is called the Brevity of Optical Knowledge, or it’s more common name, BOOK. The BOOK is very advanced when it comes to information storage. Compacting over 97,000 characters into its memory banks, the BOOK is a very easy to use and affordable piece of equipment packed with tons of features, maps, entertainment articles, and even some games from time to time, and it all fits in the palm of your hand.

The BOOK uses a special black symbol creator to display its information to the naked eye. With striking contrast yet clear precise type, the user will have no issues reading the information that is displayed on the bound viewing pad. Certain models of the Book have enlarged text so those with visual impairments or reading difficulties can easily decipher what’s on the viewing pad. This new character generator will make it easy to navigate the vast array of information stored within the BOOK’s memory. Many users will love the ease of access that the BOOK has to offer.

The BOOK can also display elaborate graphic designs, charts, and even graphs. It displays these graphical drawings precisely to scale on the view pad, and in some instances, the graphs are even color coded by a special optical generating device that allows the user to automatically receive the transmitted color coordinated information. Some models of the BOOK have tactile representations that pop out of the viewing pad for younger users.

The BOOK is even portable. With dimensions of 6 x 9 inches for a new softly bound model or 8.5 x 11 for a hardbound model, the BOOK can be taken anywhere, and used anywhere. However, the user must use both hands to initialize the program within. The user must also be near some sort of light source to see the information the BOOK displays on its viewing pad. For those dark environments, the BOOK does offer audio-based versions so users can enjoy the program even without a light source, or when they are busy, or if they have trouble deciphering what’s on the viewing pad.

Each model of the BOOK has a self-contained program that, when activated, will fire the powerful virtual reality neural network in the brain to give users an authentic reenactment experience as users decipher the code on the viewing pad or by listening to the audio model. Not all users of the BOOK will be able to use these virtual reality experiences because they’ve suppressed their imagination. Users with limited imagination will not be able to take full advantage of the virtual reality experiences.

The BOOK has the ability to automatically show the viewer a sneak peak at what the particular package contains within. Displaying the information summery in a vertical column running down the left side of the preview screen before the program starts, users can quickly look and see what’s contained in the unit. It will even give the section so that users can quickly navigate to the proper point. This advanced indexing system isn’t available in all versions of the BOOK, but most packages offer this extra feature at no cost to you.

The BOOK even has an extension which will mark your place for you. The extension has munificent elaborate computer-generated designs that are easy to see and distinguish. This extension is commonly referred to as the BOOKMARK. Unlike imagination, the BOOKMARK is an accessory that is sold separately.

The BOOK is very affordable. With its vast array of information and features, most versions of the BOOK are available for a one-time price of \$12.00 at most venders across the United States. Training may be required to use the BOOK, but the department of education has made it a law to allow all people regardless of disability, race, creed, sexual orientation, or religion to receive training for the BOOK. Training usually starts at about six years old, and training may speed or decrease depending on the user’s knowledge of the BOOK’s internal code.

The BOOK is available in all major carriers across the world. You can even try the BOOK for a minimum of two weeks at certain testing facilities around the world created by adults that believe sharing is caring, which comes dangerously close to socialism, but you must acquire a card to be able to access these testing centers. Not everyone can impersonate a person, so we want to make sure that it is in fact, you, who wishes to test out the device.

The developers of the BOOK put a lot of time and effort into making the proper display, program, and casing. The BOOK is durable but handle the equipment with care. There isn’t a warranty available for the BOOK yet, but there is a money back guarantee option that you automatically get when at certain venders that carry the device.

The BOOK will be available everywhere, and this is a new piece of technology that you don’t want to miss. With clear precise lazar technology, images and texts are displayed on a nice white screen with black shading, an advanced navigation system, and an innovative user interface, the BOOK just may be the highlight of today. The BOOK will be released sometime this year.

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