Royalty statement 2023

I’d like to show you how much I made for 2023 on my published books.

In short, not so well, but you can read the table below!

It’s a good thing I have other books and other writings out now, but still, sales matter. Money matters when making art of any kind.

It really is that simple. If you want artists to keep making art, give them money and buy their work. I wish I had enough money to do more writing, but I simply don’t. I have to focus on living and paying bills and eating.

The breakdown

The table below breaks down Artificial Divide sales by outlet and more.

I’d like to give a hearty shoutout to Neville Park that assisted me with cleaning up the original PDF. Thank you!

Artificial Divide.

Previous year balance,-2.025

Artificial Divide,15.131,,,,,,,


The table that was here looked strange, visually speaking, so read the table here.

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