Sensitivity reading to beat writers block

I’ve got some good news, and, well, some coming soon news. But first, some good news.

Before I get started on the news, I have upcoming events! Come see me and say hi!

I’ve grown into a quite formidable sensitivity reader, and even developmental editor somewhat. The sensitivity reading is a way for me to support myself while I’m having writers block, which doesn’t happen often but there are days where I’m just like, I just want to lay in bed and watch old TV shows and movies because I’m low energy today! I’m actually getting a lot more work as a developmental editor and even a sensitivity reader than I initially thought. It’s great for a number of reasons.

Reading others’ work actually gives me a boost in my own writing. It inspires me to read others’ work. I raised my rates too, among all companies and otherwise because I like having money. I like having a safety net. I of course, still write, but the sensitivity reading is helping to get inspiration as well as making connections. Again, it really does help with writer’s block!

When the expert witness work I do gives me a break, I hit the pitching mound. No bites yet on any of my completed novels or novellas but I do have good news to report about one of my previously published books.

Off the Grid is getting new life! It’s being edited, and it’s got a new release date coming up! It’s going to have a new epilogue, and it will be edited for tighter and it’s going to be cleaned up even more. I was kind of self-publishing it for a while, but I honestly never want to self-publish again. It was a lot to manage, and I’d really much rather have a publisher handle it all. Keep up with Off the Grid via this page.

As for what I’m up to? More audio description works in addition to the above. I’m still trying to maintain my distance from social media, in all forms. I mostly do automated posts on these platforms, directing people back to this website because this is my home now. This is my domain in my own space and so I want to have more people come to my little garden on the web. Gaze upon its ease to read. Gawk at the large font by default. Everything you see here has been by design. I mean, it doesn’t make sense to me why people bother making a website and then making the text small or making it harder to see the text because of a low contrast theme.

Unfortunately, a lot of updates are in absolute limbo, which is why I still rely on people to throw money at me while I hustle because publishing still doesn’t pay well, even after you hustle. Even so, I like bringing people stories and characters. I like bringing people characters I never got to see on the pages or even on screen before. That’s why I keep doing it, in the end, honestly, is because I’m stubborn, and, well, people like my work. Before I go, though,

side note, I did discover the wonders of Duette audiobooks and, well, can we just say swoon? Swoon like a glittery romantic heart because I’m having far more fun with these narrations than anybody should. I’m enjoying them too much, both straight and gay relationships and pairings.

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