Author visit details.

Check out these requirements before booking me for an in person author visit.

I’d love to come to your school, LGBT center, disability center, church, nonprofit, or other organization for an author visit.

I’ve written a lot of fiction and nonfiction for various ages but there’s one key thing in my stories. That’s diversity and representation.

All of my fiction features a character that is a minority in one way or another. Because, as a blind gay man, I know how hard it is to find positive characters that are part of a minority group in books. I aim to change that as much as I can.

My essays and nonfiction always highlight, in some way, what life is like living with a disability. My essays are more humorous and geared towards adults and young adults. My essays are not for very young readers.

Here’s what you can get when you book an author visit, in greater detail. All of the below are subject to time and availability.

  • Carefully curated stories or essays to read for your age group and demographic.
  • Readings from upcoming anthologies.
  • Readings of an Excerpt from upcoming novels.
  • A presentation about my adversities and how I’ve overcome them, including funny personal stories about my career as a writer.
  • Insight on writing, including working with diverse characters, information about sensitivity readers, and tricks to help you craft authentically underrepresented voices and more.
  • Tips and tricks on becoming an effective advocate and ally.
  • Advice on making your literary events accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Blocks of time to answer questions about writing, disability representation, helping underrepresented authors, and much more.
  • Signed copies of my books/anthologies, if applicable and if time permits.

Not all of my writing is for very young readers. It’s important that you share all the details of your venue, including audience age and demographic, months ahead of time so a seamless experience can be prepared.

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