A weird Fediverse break.

Over on Mastodon/the Fediverse, the culture is very weird and also very, well, inclusive, so I thought I’d announce my hiatus from Mastodon in a very fun way!

I’m not leaving for good, but I do have a lot of projects happening so I can’t check the timeline all the time. Alas, I had fun with my exit post. See below.

The exit post in question.

I was sitting at my computer typing up some epic Saylor Moon Fanfiction that I was going to read at the next open mic. When, all of a sudden, a Trans kitten mewed beside me before coughing up a hairball.

I asked it why did you cough up a hairball, and it replied, I didn’t know how to get your attention otherwise. My purr is too pansexual, so I needed something a bit gayer, and what better way to get a gay blind writers attention than to pretend to choke on something. By the way, my fur swirls with rainbows.

You have my attention, I said, gaily, so what do you want?

"I’m here to take you hostage. You have this uncanny ability to write, what We’ve deduced is, bad romance. Our kingdom has tons of writers that write good romance, but we need someone that can write bad romance, so, we chose you to adult nap.

Before I could blink, a hoard of pansexual cats lured me out of my apartment and into a world where they eat cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and cotton candy is illegal. I’m held in a prison that’s lit with bisexual lighting and I don’t know when I’ll escape. In the hopes that someone will find these words, I’ve outlined channels you can find my secret messages. I don’t know when I’ll be able to return!

I then included a bunch of links to various places around this website. I’ll still be blogging, of course. I just thought I’d have some fun with my Mastodon break!

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